030 | Brighter & Cleaner Kuta

3:11:00 PM

It was 2 PM when I accompany a friend while waiting his flight back to Jakarta. We were at Beachwalk and he asked me to have a visit to the beach. To be honest, I don't go to Pantai Kuta that much since I kinda think that it has been too commercial. But as the sands welcomed me, Pantai Kuta has becoming way clean & bright. And I was surprised, to be honest.


029 | Fashion Scene Diversity: Fight Against the New Dynasty?

1:51:00 PM

First, I intent to do this blog post because of my personal exploration in how fashion and reality TV are friends to each other, and I can see that it’s changing-- in an interesting way as the time evolves as well. Now, let me talk about what I explored on both fashion & reality TV scenes nowadays. I clearly can see that the diversity is getting stronger. Here are stuffs that I noticed couple months back.

Muslim Contestant at Project Runway Junior season 2.
This 16 years old Muslim black girl Hawwaa Ibrahim from Minnesota made her debut for being selected at the 2nd season of Project Runway Junior. And she’s doing good so far and she’s known for her colorful execution and quirky design aesthetics. Personally, it is very refreshing to be able to see a Muslim young girl covered in hijab in American national television. And I’m pretty sure that she inspired lots young girl at her age and the community as well.

First Ever Ethnic Winner of Elite Model Look
Elite Model Look is an absolute front runner in world modelling competition. For 33 years running, there is no ethnic winner- no Asian, no African, no Hispanic coming from the competition. Until the 2016 World Final, they picked this 20 years old Nigerian Davidson Obennebo as its very first ethnic winner of the competition.

Couple months later, he made his debut to an international fashion scene. And it’s pretty big. He opened and closed the Autumn/Winter Versace collection earlier this January. I’m pretty sure big opportunities are coming for him and surely we can’t wait where he’s up next.

More Diverse Reality TV Casts
I frequently watching Project Runway nowadays, and a bit of America’s Next Top Model-- even though I lose my interest a bit because the show has literally changed its format. But what is really obvious for me is the model line-ups for Project Runway Junior season 2. From 12 models appeared episode 1 final look, I can count that there are 6 black models, 2 Asian models and only 2 Caucasian models walking. And I think it is such a good move in how they promote the diversity in a worldwide reality show.

So now, what is all about? Late 2016 is like the awakening in how the Western world promotes lots of diverse casts in entertainment industry that I personally think that; does it has a little correlation of the new born-like “dynasty” at the superpower country? After all those obvious statement of racism and misogyny, is it how they fight against the new dynasty by showing lots of diversity?


028 | Tirta Tawar's Soft Gem: Warung Made Becik

6:00:00 PM

It was mid-day when I entered Raya Ubud, randomly trying to drive myself to a smaller road towards Jalan Tirta Tawar, hoping to find a good yet quiet restaurant, because as we know that Ubud is all about organic delicacies & healthy sweet tooth. So it’s pretty good for those who are concern about what they eat.

I personally prefer to visit a place that is not getting too commercialised by online platform like TripAdvisor, then I found this quiet restaurant accidentally when I slow down my bike, located right in the middle of Jalan Tirta Tawar. It caught my eyes because the interior feels pretty homey, structured by colored terracotta bricks.

I went in and I was greeted by a pretty young crew, and what I saw was, the crews are all female. There were only me as a guest. It was quiet, accompanied with Balinese instrumental melody playing behind, and I hope it’s not too early to judge that Bali has never fail to amaze me by how nice the locals are.

My first impression of the foods were amazing. I ordered these gado-gado (Indonesian-style salad) & coconut juice on my first visit. The taste is everything, man. It was so delicious, knowing that they are using local sugar instead of processed sugar. And yes, I am pretty concerned about their ingredients because I like observing these kind of stuffs while I am at the right place. So, yeah!

Another thing that is captivating is. They recycle their food components. For example, they are serving young coconut. But what they are doing with the outer layer of the coconut is, they collect it all and put it across the restaurant and they make it dry. Later I asked the crew, they are using the dried coconut as wood replacement to make the fire, and they’re using it to make the satay. Pretty cool, huh?

Until today, this place has been my regular place to visit every time I’m going back to the center of the island. Foods are great as they offered lots of plant-based delicacies on the menu list. As an additional, this warung (small restaurant-bahasa Indonesia) has some chillin’ Balinese instrument accompanied with Ubud mid-day delicate breeze.